Plants need Nutrients and fertile Soil

TerreUnity provides them

8 good Reasons for TerreUnity

1. Durable and long-lasting - our soils last for years, our fertilizer supplies your garden soil with nutrients and auxiliary substances


2. Conservation of resources and long-term healthy plants - soil activators and humic acids ensure fertile subsoil for many years; multiple use of soils possible; the fertilizer works for many years, significant reduction of resource use


3. Small, user-friendly format - no heavy hauling, no unwieldy plastic bags


4. Intuitive and self-explanatory - easy to use with or without TerreUnity user glasses


5. Simplicity and quality - less is more, is our motto with regard to our product range. The best raw materials and formulations lead to success with all plants and make the application easy and uncomplicated. Buy all kinds of plants as well as pots, raised beds or tubs and provide your plants with TerreUnity products, "Simplify Your Garden" - in style.6. Wetting agent for perfect water and nutrient supply - no worries during dry periods


7. Auxiliary substances for the defence against fungus mosquitoes and pests - reduction of diseases


8. Design and aesthetics - the glasses and packaging are a visual benefit for garden, balcony or terrace 

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